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"Increase your Productivity the Agile Way with Danilo Tambone"

- Project Management for the Masses Podcast -

My first interview as a guest on a Podcast, back in April 2015. 

With my dear friend Cesar Abeid, Host of the Project Management for the Masses Podcast, I explain how I had been able to transition through totally different careers when I was forced to, and provide advice to those who feel the desire to do the same.

Plus, we talk about my online course "Skyrocket Your Productivity the Agile Way", that I created to share how I use agile principles at personal and professional level to turn into reality what seemed impossible.


(And by the way, when I listened again to this interview I took a laugh when hearing myself saying by error that I had managed projects worth 20K euros... while in fact I had actually managed programs worth more than 20 Million euros :D )


"Danilo Tambone shares with us his very Agile Story of personal transformation"

- Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast - 

Second interview for a Podcast, dating back to November 2015.

My friend Vasco Duarte, Host of the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach, interviews me on my transformative journey along totally different sectors.

We explore how I made this seemingly impossible journey possible through agile mindset, proactivity, and curiosity.

Il Coaching a servizio dell'Impresa.jpg

"Il Coaching a Servizio dell'Impresa"

Rotary Club Campania - Napoli

Webinar in italiano organizzato dal Rotary Club Campania-Napoli il 28 Novembre 2020. 

Nella presentazione racconto come applico il Coaching per far scoprire e attivare i propri potenziali a singole persone (Transformative Coaching), a team (nel mio ruolo di Scrum Master), e ad organizzazioni (come Agile Coach).

Parliamo di Leadership, di realtà filtrata dai nostri pensieri, e di come facilitare l'evoluzione di persone, gruppi e aziende.

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