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Navigating COVID, Transitions, and the "New Normal"

(Image by Austin Neill, Unsplash)


Today's been the last day of my last life.

And the first day of my new one.

For the first time in 3 years and a half, my contract as a Scrum Master hasn't been renewed by my final customer.

I've been serving the company and its Scrum Teams almost every day since. I've been working one-on-one with their Managers, Product Owners, Development Team Members, and other Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches.

These people have done magic in the meanwhile, piloting Scrum and Agility at Team and Company level and evolving their mindset, day by day.

And they have inspired me, every single day, and it's been a true honor to serve them on their journey.

I've been coaching each and every team with the purpose to be redundant as soon as possible as a Scrum Master.

That would have been the measure of my success.

The reality is, once the team is independent at a certain level, it's time to level up.

And then again, and then again.

And then there's another team to start up and level up. That's the way to continuous improvement, and the company noticed.

And renewed, quarter after quarter.

But things come to an end, and it comes the time to cut away consultants.

Sometimes with just a few days of advance notice.

Possible contributing factor the COVID situation and the general uncertainty of markets.

From an emotional standpoint, I'm broken inside.

I didn't serve "users" these years, I've served people, with their own stories, struggles, and victories.

They've been my "extended family" for so long.

But from a personal and professional one, I'm in a safe place today.

In fact, I'm blessed enough to have learnt over the years my way through it.

I've made friends with uncertainty.

I've learnt to dance with change, rather than fighting it.

I've gained an understanding of the "inside-out" nature of creation.

That's why I coach people around transformations, and I guide them all the way through.

So they don't mess up as I did when I tried it on my own.



One thing that I've acquired over time is the ability to be fluid with how I perceive myself.

As the "Edge-Walker" Master Coach Christina Berkley reminds us of, "Be Fluid With Your Identity".

Don't settle with what you are right now.

Don't identify yourself with what you're doing.

With your job title.

With your job description.

Rather, be on the Edge of what's possible.

Let potentials show up, don't constrain them with what you believe is possible.

The game is much wider than you think.

Don't create with your brain, it doesn't work that way.

Rather, be open to the possibility to be part of the process, the creator, and the creation itself.

All at the same time.



A friend asked me this morning, right after learning that my contract was over, "Now, are you looking for doing something else?"

To which I replied, "I don't look for, I create".

When I discovered this job situation two weeks ago, after my initial turmoil, I got fully in touch with what I stand for.

With what I am for.

I felt empathy for all those enterpreneurs who are facing this transition with no certainty that their business will be able to see the light at the end of this tunnel.

And from a wise inner place, words came out:

I feel the responsibility to share with companies and professionals what I've learnt along my transformative journey so far.
I want to support those who are aware that there will be no "Back to Normal", that the "New Normal" is something yet to be created, and that it will respond to rules still unimaginable today.
I want to help companies and professionals who might be feeling confused right now and who feel the urge to be on the edge of what's possible to be rising again and thriving in the "New Normal".

I let this come out and settle.

And the time came to share it with other trusted professionals in my entourage.

And the idea emerged: doing a Mastermind to brainstorm among us around all this.

To come up with solutions to be offered to our clients through coaching, tutoring, teaching, workshops.

To be of service, with open hearts and open arms.

That's how I create.

Or rather, co-create.

So, rather then "How can I get back in?", I ask mySelf:

"How can I be of service?"

"Who can I support today?"

"Whom can I share my gifts, and talents, and insights with?"

As Christina Berkley says, "It's Not About You".

That's the only way out that I know.

And it works.



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