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(0) Unleash Your Potential with the Hero's Journey

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I’m excited to share with you that I've just started a project to write and launch a book!

With a special focus on the “inside-out understanding”, this book will take us beyond our limiting beliefs and beyond the stories that we tell ourselves by building on the extraordinary work that Joseph Campbell created with his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” (1949).

Campbell, who kicked off the concept of the “Hero’s Journey”, discovered a red line that goes through all the stories and myths that the human species has told since the beginning of time. That’s what he called “The Monomyth” (term already used by James Joyce), which is a single myth that takes different forms based on different cultures, but whose structure remains the same.

It’s the same story that goes retold times and times again.

Campbell discovered that the common “stages” that a mythical Hero goes through are the same stages each of us encounters when a new challenge shows up in front of us and we embark on an (inner) journey of discovery.

In fact, when we sense that what we have, or what we are, or what we’re doing, is no more enough, and that there’s something more for us to explore, well, it’s then that we hear a Call.

Or maybe we are forced to make a change because of an external situation - a job loss, a death, the pandemic…

On the journey we find Mentors, who provides us with Support and Tools; we discover Allies and Enemies, and go through Tests. We may face our fears and experience inner Battles, and we might have to let our old beliefs die, in order for a new understanding and new insights to arise. We let go of our ego, for a new higher Self to show up - an actual inner Death and Resurrection. This is the actual “Treasure” that we discover and learn to own thanks to the Journey.

Then, we integrate this awakening into ourselves and come back to where we had started, our “Ordinary World”, where we can share with other people the insights that we got and all what we have learnt.

And this may in turn become a new Journey in itself, since sometimes people are not ready to believe or understand what we have gone through, and we might need to find a new “vocabulary” to express to others our inner transformation. We may then decide to keep that for us and live our new life by ourselves. Or we may find that it’s important to share our message… and well, this is another Call.


You can recognize this same mythical structure in many Hollywood movies (Star Wars, The Matrix, Indiana Jones, The Wizard of Oz…)

What is remarkable, though, is that the “outer” journeys that you see in stories (the external events, the physical battles and fights incurred in, the material treasures earned, the return to one’s home after being away for a long time…) are just metaphors of the Inner Journey that we, as Heroes, go through. No matter what on the “outside”, what leaves the mark is the inner experience you have of it.

That’s why Campbell includes examples from psychology, especially from the studies and discoveries done by Carl Gustav Jung on the conscious and unconscious worlds.

Besides, Heroes discover along the Journey their connectedness with a higher wisdom, a spiritual power, a larger plan that makes possible what human forces wouldn’t be able to work out by themselves, and learn how to align with it.


This “inner journey” of Self discovery is what I’ll be putting my focus on (and it’s not a case that there’s a capital “S” here!). I want to make it readable, understandable, and actionable for everyone, so that its potential can be disclosed for the benefit of those who are ready to embark on their own Journeys, in their personal and professional life.

In particular, I expect to make a twist on the psychological notions that Campbell focuses on. In fact, my experience in coaching with, and living, the “inside-out understanding”, based on the work by Michael Neill and Syd Banks, tells me that there’s much more to point to than to the realms of “conscious and unconscious”, and I trust that a more liberating path will emerge.


If this resonates with what you’re going through right now, stay tuned! New blog posts will pop out in the next few days, as I uncover more and let the book emerge.

If you want to be the first one to know about how the book writing process continues, sign up here.

Cover and title of the book above are still temporary, and any feedback on them is greatly appreciated! Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message!

Take care and safe Journey,

With Love,



The Journey so far:

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