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Would You Like Your Story to be Showcased in my New Book?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Have you ever dreamt to have your story, or part of it, showcased in a book?

Do you feel that the experiences that you've gone through could inspire other people to remember Who We Really Are?

Each chapter of the book will include the description of a Stage of the Hero's Journey with examples from Myths, Movies, and real people's lives that apply to such a Stage.

If the Hero’s Journey inspires you, and you want to share with the world (even in an anonymized form) your journey of personal transformation so that it can inspire other people, this is the perfect moment for you.

And I sense that it's not a case if you've read thus far.


  1. Go and download The Hero's Journey Map and The Hero's Journey Workbook, and see how your life has expressed (and is currently expressing) itself through the metaphors of the Journey and of the inside-out understanding;

  2. You’ll be captured into reflecting on the moments in your life that have rolled out as the Journey itself;

  3. You’ll write down your reflections in a very short form (see examples from my own life in the workbook);

  4. Then we may look together for one or two meaningful Stages of your Journey (depending on how many people are willing to support the project - they’re increasing day by day!) that we can narrate in the book.

The Workbook is quite self-explanatory, but feel free to reach out to me before, during, or after the exercise if I can be of any help.

And by the way, I’m not necessarily looking for extraordinary deeds – even small insights can be life-changing.

The number of spots is limited, so the sooner you're onto it, the most likely for your story to be chosen.

Happy Journey!




The Journey so far:

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