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(17) Freedom to Live - A Blissful Present as an Eternal Gift

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Picture by Victor Freitas from Pexels

"What is 'Freedom to Live', Gisela, as for what you see right now?"

"The more I surrender to the divine energy behind everything and within myself, and I don’t get caught up in my own thinking and wanting to control the outside world, the more miracles I see happening. This is the treasure that the Journey has provided me with, and this is the gift that I want to share with the world.

"And the beautiful paradox is that, as with the silver in the clay binder, everything has always been here, even before starting the Journey."

Gisela looks me in the eyes, and we smile.

We give a final glance at the silver star in her hand, as the sunlight from the window makes it sparkle.


Jennifer smiles at Pico, her black cat, who is keeping an eye on us from his spirit boat on the table.

Then she glances at her paintings on the wall, her boats floating in the air, the bust of her father, and finally at the bright window.

“Freedom is when you have found balance inside. You’ve faced your shadows, you’ve learned about yourself, and you’ve reached beyond it. True freedom emerges from going through one’s Hero’s Journey and coming out to be in the world who you truly are.”

“Which brings you full circle to the start of a new Journey. How will starting again look like?”

“Not scary at all, and not even a repetition. The ‘Ordinary World’ that I see now is totally different from the one I left when I entered the Journey, because I have changed within. You can never get bored this way. I feel filled with energy and light. I feel grounded, and am blessed to put myself at service as a connector between transcendence and materiality through the power of art.”

Pico jumps down from the table, reaches Jennifer on her lap, and curls up.

Then starts purring.

And all is well.


The last stage that Joseph Campbell describes in the Hero's Journey goes under the name of 'Freedom to Live'.

The Mastery of the Journey leads the Hero to the freedom from the fear of death, which is the freedom to live in a blissful present.

This is the Hero's new Ordinary World.

The Hero realizes that we are One with the Flow of Life.

Beyond the physical appearances of what comes and goes, we see that we are One with that place where miracles occur and potentials come to form.

That place is permanent, not transient.

Independently from what goes around, we are grounded into a limitless Source of unconditional Love, Understanding, and Peace. The physical present that we experience responds to that, and material boons take form in accord to it.

We may still have our human ups and downs, yet they pass quickly and as quickly we settle back into flow.

And to share this awareness, this 'State of Being', with the world, oftentimes it's enough simply 'Being in the World' and remember what we are.

This is the final reward of the Journey.

Are you ready to embody it and journey again?

Freedom to Live in The Odyssey

The army of the Suitors' relatives seeking for revenge attacks Odysseus and his fellow men.

Athena commands Laertes to throw a long spear at them, and he kills the army's chief.

But, as Odysseus and Telemachus jump into the battle, the goddess intervenes before anyone else gets killed.

Terrified by her vision, the army lets all weapons fall down, and they retreat in a rush. Odysseus though chases them furiously, but Zeus throws a thunder and Athena tells the hero to stop.

And so he does, finally content in his heart, while Athena, disguised as Mentor, establishes the peaceful covenants among the parties.

Now Odysseus is free to live a peaceful life, at last. He's mastered the two worlds of war and peace. He's experienced both the wrath and the loving support of the transcendental powers, and he's learned how to respect them.

He will finally live as a righteous king of his island, loved by his dear ones, and loyal to gods and goddesses.

Freedom to Live in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

After being gently woken up by her sister, Alice tells her all what she had been through in her dream, and then runs in for her tea.

Still on the riverbank, her sister relaxes, and in a half-sleep her reality too begins melting with Alice's dreams. She knows she could just open her eyes to come back to dull reality, but she stays there, her eyes closed.

And then, in her mind, she sees Alice, grown up yet with the same loving heart of her childhood, surrounded by her children. She would tell them stories from Wonderland, staying close to them when they're sad, rejoicing with them when they're happy.

She'll remember those joyful summer days as a child, and will be free to nurture that same joy in her children's hearts.

Freedom to Live in The Matrix

Neo has just defeated Agent Smith and has discovered his ability to control the Matrix.

He rushes back to Morpheus's flying ship, the Nebuchadnezzar, just one second before the ship's electromagnetic pulse disables all electrical connections and zaps the group of Sentinels that were attacking the crew.

They won.

Neo comes back to the Matrix and sends out a message via phone to the machines. He tells them that he'll show people what the machines don't want them to see: a world without artificial boundaries and controls, a world where anything is possible.

He hangs up the phone. He looks at people who walk around believing they're experiencing their life, while they're just dreaming attached to the Matrix somewhere.

He puts his black glasses on, looks up, and flies away.

Freedom to Live in Chris Gardner’s Hero’s Journey

Chris Gardner is not just embodying the American Dream.

As a father, grandfather, author, and speaker, he’s now living and teaching how to tap into the Universal Dream, intrinsic in the nature of each and every human being.

Beyond the walls.

Beyond the fears.

Beyond any self-definition of who we are.

In the acknowledgement that true success comes when we enrich the lives of others.

And now, I’m pretty eager to discover on what Journey he will take us next.

Freedom to Live in My Story

The experiences of these last years have taken me to places I would have never imagined.

I’m not limited by a "self" anymore. I’m free.

By following my Bliss, I've seen the unleashing potentials of a Higher Self that operates through me, when I relax into the Flow and remember Who I Am.

And there’s nothing that I have at stake, nothing that I feel I could lose.

I simply have a pure desire to serve and help people expand their horizons and find a smarter path for their own journey. And I’m living one day at a time, in blissful serenity.

And, while “Scrum Master” or “Agile Coach” are jobs that I do, “Transformative Coach” is what I am, whatever the roles that I cover, whatever the environment that I’m in.

I go on studying, and listening, and staying open to insights that come effortlessly, and challenging what I think is true, and expanding my vision.

I don’t know what there will be after the next turn, but it’s not a problem anymore.

In fact, I’m looking forward to it with an open heart and open mind, in a way that I had never experienced before.

I trust the process and the larger Wisdom that operates through us, and I witness how every single day is a day of creation.

When I see a problem, I get curious about how I’m blocking the flow with my thoughts. Simply noticing it unleashes the flow again, without effort.

Thoughts come and go, and rather than letting them carry me away, I keep my focus on the empty space between them.

In that emptiness, I sense the no-thing inviting me to turn it into some-thing.

I am human, still with my ups and downs, but I don’t get hooked by those.

They’re not here to stay.

I let them go, and the sooner I leave my space within open and empty, the sooner insights flow into it.

I’m present, I’m rooted, and I’m excited to be on the boundary of the veil, if anything like a veil exists, where potentials tap on my shoulders and ask to be turned into matter.

And when I am aware enough to leave my little self on the side, something larger operates through me and makes the impossible possible.

This is how I remember What We Are.

Beyond my story.

Beyond your story.


Your Story

  • What does it mean to you 'freedom to live'?

  • Was there a moment in your life, and it could well be today, that you felt free to live on your terms, in balance with everything and everyone else? How did that feel?

Beyond Your Story

  • Look beyond the specific events that you have recalled in the points above. Was that perceived freedom more depending on outside conditions or on mental clarity? Or a mix of both?

  • What if the cages we oftentimes perceive around us were just cages of our mind, that we deliberately create to stay safe within boundaries?

  • What if being safe or not is just a thought in our mind, and our natural state is peace and balance? How would your life be different if this were true?

  • Just relax in this blissful state. This is what you are. Welcome back home.


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The Journey so far:

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